Working Offline – Some Pointers


Working offline is essential for many field data collection professionals – cell & data service just aren’t available everywhere. With just a little prep time, GIS Pro will work for your totally offline. Here are a few pointers when for GIS Pro offline:

1) Not every iOS device will work! You’ll need one with a dedicated GPS chip. iOS devices that include a dedicated chip include the iPhone 3G and newer and any 3G/4G/LTE enabled iPad. You can use an iPad Wifi or iPod Touch if you have a 3rd party GPS attachment (such as the Bad Elf).

2) Cache maps before you go! Pulling down map tiles from a server requires a data connection. If you want map tiles when you’re out of range, you need to cache them before you go. Map caching in GIS Pro is easy. You can watch a How-To video here.

GIS Pro is extremely powerful when offline. You can still collect all your data, even when you’re well out of 4G/Wifi range.


You can download GIS Kit from iTunes here.

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