iPhone & iPad – Rugged Enough?


YES! The iPad & iPhone are excellent tools for field data collection. Many have deemed these devices not durable enough for field work – we disagree. Since they’ve come out we’ve put the iPad & iPhone through several rugged testing scenarios and we’ve never had an issue. Here is a quote from Trevor Hoyles, a PE LEG for GeoEngineers:

“A lot of people are concerned that iPads and iPhones are not durable enough to be used as field tools.  With the right cases and accessories, I have found that they can be ruggedized quite well for field use, even in the rain.  The products that I use are 1) the Otterbox defender series case, 2) the Otterbox Latch system that comes with a hand grip and harness, and 3) a waterproof bag (Dry Doc case by Seattle Sports) for wet conditions.  With these accessories, I commonly use my iPad and iPhone to do field mapping in rugged terrain without incident thus far.”

Cost is another great advantage of the iPad & iPhone. You could buy several iOS devices for the cost of just one dedicated ‘rugged’ device. These devices are a perfect fit for the industry.

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