Squawk! Friend Tracker for iPhoneTrack your friends on a map!
We’re not talking about ‘occasional’ position updates – we’re talking about real-time tracking!  Use your iPhone to see where your friends are & where they’re going!

Send & receive messages
Squawk! lets you chat with your friends so you can easily meet up & make plans. It also saves your chat history – no need to use up your texts!

Share with web viewers
You can broadcast your movements to a web browser so friends can watch & chat with you from home. Just enable web sharing & send invites to your channel.


Can Squawk! run in the Background?
Yes! In your settings tab, turn background mode to ‘on’ – this will keep squawk! running constantly, whether you’re in the app or not.

Can I send a chat to someone who’s offline?
Yes! Squawk! can push a message to a friend who’s offline. This is a great way to tell your friends to jump on squawk!

What are public channels?
Think of public channels like walkie-talkies – if you’re on the same channel as someone else, you’ll be able to see & chat with each other. You can turn public channels off so you’ll only see & be seen by people in your friends list.

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