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Loaded with powerful features:

Accurate Drawing
ToolsPoint, line & polygon features are easy to collect with our accurate drawing system. Take advantage of the iPad’s GPS features or collect features manually.



Amazing Map Performance
Our map engine is unbeatable – large projects don’t scare GIS Kit. Collect thousands of features without sacrificing quick performance.


Offline Workflow

You can collect data without an EDGE, 3G, or WIFI signal. Just cache your project region’s map tiles before you go so you don’t have to worry about being in range.


Custom Feature Classes & Datasets
There’s no need to rely on a GIS technician to set up your feature class attributes – you can create, edit & manage feature classes right from your device.


Easy Import/Export
Export/import project data via iTunes or email. GIS Kit supports KML import/export, as well as Shapefile import. GIS Pro allows for full Shapfile import & export for better integration with desktop software such as ArcGIS.


Multiple Projects
Create multiple projects. Managing projects in GIS Kit is easy and eliminates hours of pre-GIS processing time. Create a project by importing an existing file or start from scratch.


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GIS Pro vs. GIS Kit:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the difference between the Kit & Pro versions of the app?
A. The Kit version is intended for personal/small project use, whereas the Pro version is intended for larger enterprises that have a need to collaborate and share data within a team. Please refer to the full feature comparison list above for more details.

Q. Do I have to buy GIS Kit for both my iPhone & iPad?
A. No – GIS Kit is a universal app, which means one purchase allows you to download both the iPhone & iPad version.

Q. I bought the Kit version but I want features from the Pro version – can I upgrade?
A.Yes! Kit users can update to GIS Pro from within the app via an in-app purchase.

Q. GIS Kit does not support Shapefile export – will I be able to export data to use with my desktop GIS software?
A. Yes – GIS Kit has full KML export support, and nearly all major GIS desktop programs can open this file format.

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