Road Trip Weather

For iPhone/iPad

See weather conditions along your route

Avoid hazardous conditions when traveling

Road Trip Weather lets you use current weather data to make educated decisions while traveling - helping you avoid bad weather.

Simply enter your route and the time you plan on leaving and Road Trip Weather will give you a snap shot of the weather along your route. It’s as easy as that.

Having a snapshot of the weather conditions along your route can be extremely valuable in making important travel decisions.

For example, you can tweak your leaving time to see if it helps you avoid a snow storm. You can also choose a different route if you see that the weather is too severe.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. How far ahead can I use Road Trip Weather to plan a route?

  1. A.Three days.

  1. Q.How accurate is the weather data?

A. Weather data is pulled from the National Weather Service. Remember, no weather forecast is guaranteed.

Q. Can I use Road Trip Weather for driving/turn-by-turn directions?

A. No! Road Trip Weather is only meant to give you a snapshot of weather conditions. It is NOT meant for navigation purposes.

  1. Q.What if I have more questions?

A. Contact us here: